EIU Young athletes

EIU participates in “young athletes” this is a program that works with the kids in our area that will be participating in special Olympics. This group meets once a week in the evening, volunteers help these kids learn about sports and do various exercises. This is a great experience and opportunity, I strongly encourage you to participate,

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EIU Kinesiology

Eastern Illinois has a Kinesiology and sports studies department. In this department you can earn a degree in the areas of pedagogy, exercise science, athletic training, or sport management. You can do undergraduate as well as graduate work here.

This department at eastern has these goals, to professionally prepare students, guide student learning, provide advanced discovery, encourage the development of critical thinking, and promote leadership through service.

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Applying to EIU

When applying to Eastern Illinois University there are many different things you can apply for. these things include things like undergraduate, graduate, and transfer students. When applying to EIU online you will pay by credit card and you will also have to send in your transcripts and test scores. Before applying to eastern read the criteria for what you are applying for.

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